Saturday, January 10, 2009


Yesterday, while looking through some of Mark Bittman's posts on his New York Times blog Bitten, I saw a comment from the author of the blog Smitten Kitchen. I took a peek at Smitten Kitchen, and surfed around to a few others from her blogroll like Lottie and Doof, The Wednesday Chef, and Homesick Texan. These blogs are beautifully photographed, gastronomically intriguing, and mostly made me want to rush into the kitchen and serve up something good. As well as start my own food blog.

And here we are. I've started this blog as a way to catalogue my cooking adventures. I want to better plan the things I eat, remember what I make, and feel inspired to continue cooking. I want a way to keep track of the dishes I prepare and the recipes I use. I want to work my way through my always-growing pile of cookbooks, the accumulated farmer's market recipe pages, and the newly added group of food blogs. So, a toast, and cheers -- here's to seeing where this goes.

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  1. Hey Sweetstuff! Woooooowwwwww... very cool that you have a foodie blog (linked to it from the facebook status update). I had no idea that another person in our cohort was likewise a lover of smitten kitchen, like me! I have her on google reader, so that I can be updated every time there's a new post. My recent crush? Those "Alex's mom's stuffed cabbage leaves" or whatever that entry was. I bought a head of cabbage the other day to prepare my psyche. ALSO, we should collaborate on beans: I just made a huge pot of mixed bean soup yesterday, and I too could use some tips... So, I wanted to give you this link which I give to a lot of people, because it helped me as I was starting to photograph food. It's an interview (about how to take good pictures of food) with a super great food photographer who sells etsy prints, and it was featured on my friend's foodie blog a few months ago. So, I hope it can help you like it helps me! Ciao bella! Happy cooking! Maybe we can collaborate sometime, and each post an entry on our collaboration! Toodle-oo.