Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plants in the ground, plants in the ground

Looking real cool with your plants in the ground! Finally.

Our wonderful neighbors consult on the garden regularly, and as they are remodeling their house, suggested that we use their unneeded rocks to hold down the bottom of the deer netting. Perfect solution!
We also stuck some bamboo stalks into the fencing so the deer could notice that there's a fence there at all. Once the stalks dry out, we'll try to make them into stakes for the tomatoes so we don't have to buy wire cages for them. There's a house in a neighborhood nearby that has their entire garden structured with bamboo - the external fence and all the internal stakes and structures.

The plants finally got planted last Wednesday afternoon. We made some elevated rows and watered and dug and got those plant roots right in. The plants were delighted to be in their permanent home after 10 days of hanging out inside the house and on the lawn in their plastic planter boxes. As we put each plant in its row, I wished it good luck and asked it to bring us lots of nice vegetables. Hopefully the words of encouragement help them grow up big and strong. Along with, you know, water and sun and all that.

So that we can monitor their progress, here's some "before" shots of all the veggies just after putting them in the ground.

Yellow Bell Peppers

Burpless Cucumbers

Yellow Squash

Sungold Tomatoes

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

Better Boy Tomatoes (they refused to rotate for the photo!)

I spent a lot of time Thursday and Friday admiring the garden. After all our hard work , it looks so nice!

Also snuck in a quick trip to the Wednesday farmer's market last week to get eggs, a tomato, and some red leaf lettuce.
I said hi to Rob from Whitted Bowers Farm, who was almost sold out of zucchini and gave me the last few he had. He said it's hard to sell the last bit of something. He's so nice! We went out to his beautiful farm on Thursday morning to pick strawberries, which I forgot to photograph, but I assure you that they are the loveliest and most tasty strawberries around.

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