Sunday, October 24, 2010

Salad Days of Fall

The fall garden is treating us very well.

There's been more salad eating in the last few weeks than there was most of the summer, thanks to our abundance of arugula and Santa Fe lettuce. Check out the green waves of arugula leaves.

We're letting the buttercrunch lettuce grow a bit more before we start eating it, but the time is coming soon.

No sign of broccoli crowns yet, but the leaves are getting huge. The stems are very strong.

Grow, broccoli, grow! We want to eat you!

Along with the fall salads, we've been eating plenty of greens. Our chard and kale are enormous. It's so convenient (and delicious) to just go out and pick some greens and eat them right up, straight out of the ground and into the frying pan.

Even the ursa kale, which got planted in the second round with the buttercrunch lettuce, is getting massive. We'll eat you soon, too!

In other domestic news, I made a throw pillow! It was my first sewing project in many years.

I used this very easy envelope pattern and sewed it all by hand. The original blogger said it would take 10 minutes, but she was using a sewing machine. It took me about an hour to do it all by hand, and the hardest part was cutting the fabric. And look, a great little throw pillow for the guest bedroom! I have plans to make several more so the bed looks extra cozy and comfy.

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