Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday market 5/16

In today's purchases: the weekly cinnamon bun; a quart of strawberries (I can't resist) and a bag of salad mix from Eco Farm (I decided to try their strawberries today just to give it a whirl -- I had the feeling they might be a tiny bit better than the ones I'd bought the last few Saturdays, even though they're a dollar more -- these farmers are also very connected with their customers in a way I really appreciate); a few sprigs of peppermint and spearmint from Ayrshire Farm (I'm hoping to make some minty lemonade, or maybe some strawberry mint popsicles); and another batch of Chioggia beets, this time from Perrywinkle Farm as the ones from Elysian Farm were already sold out when I arrived at 8:30!

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